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The Affiliated Fam page! Where you can find all the mo fucko’s that I’m a big fan of, a strong supporter, or just some of the homies are all gonna be featured here! These guys are killing it so don’t sleep on the music, videos, or writings they’re creating. If they’re not artists…they’re not on this page.



Fvck Muzic Records

Fvck Muzic Records, Established In Portland, Oregon, USA. #FVMZ

Our Motto: "We Are Never Selling Out"

MARCIN is an Underground Unsigned Rapper & Engineer
Creator & Owner Of The Fvck Muzic Records
Established In Portland, Oregon
Any Business Inquiries Can Be Done Through



Recording/Preforming artist working under Mt. Smashmore and Myteam Studios


Zodi Ac

Zodi Ac

“I might not be able to change the world, but I can show it to you from my perspective” - Zodi Ac

This young man out of Salem, OR is killing it. I had the pleasure of doing a show with him in Olympia and this guy can spit and sing his ass off. Check out his new single on Who Am I on soundcloud.