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Fire and Firework Stunts Gone Wrong

Tattoo Commercial

Buckwild gets his Trailer Park Mafia Tattoo

The Stunt that Started it All!

Buckwild takes a mortor shell to the butt

Bottle Rocket Mouth

Buckwild lights a bottle rocket off in his mouth

Head Fire!

Buckwild lights his head on fire!

Fire Slap Live

Jr gets the fire slap live!

Slice Window Kick

Hug it Out

Sometimes you just gotta hug it out.

Fire Juggling

Buckwild Juggles some fire!

Basketball Head

Buckwild gets his bell rung

Dragged Behind Car on Mattress

Awesome Awesome

As Jr says…Awesome…Awesome…

Fish Bite on the Nose

Fireworks to the Face

Buckwild Breaks A Flaming Beer On HIs Head

Slice Vs the Roman Candle

Innertube jump off Roof

Innertube jump off Roof

Innertube jump off Roof

Cooler Kick

Fire Face

Fire Arm

Beer Can Smash to the Head

Lightbulb Smash

Lightbulb Smash

Fireworks in the Fridge

Jr Fireworks Stunt

Branch to the Face

Fire Front Flip

Fire Flame

Cooking Sheet To The Head Smash

Fire Jump

Clay Pigeon Kick

Roman Candle to the Butt

Triple Firework Threat

Beer Bottle Dump Toss

Bottle Rocket Goes Off In Shirt

Eating a Fly Strip

Beer Keg Stunts

Double Fire Slap

Bonfire Stunts

Ball Punch

Fireworks in the Pocket

Fence Jump

Glass Smash on Face

10000 Firecrackers

Smashing the top of a car

Flaming Garbage Can

Blowing a Flame off Burning Head

Firecracker Belt

Roman Candle to the Face

Bottle Rocket Crack Light Off

Garbage Can Smash

Log to the Face

Fire Eating

Bottle Rocket Target Practice

Winter Slip and Slide

Kicking It Old School

Treadmill Stunts