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USERS: My Angels Have Demons

Carter is a recovering heroin addict with superpowers.

He's been clean for years, but after his girlfriend walks out on him, he tries to fall off the wagon and fails. But not before he gets himself in trouble with the law and drug cartels.
After Carter is forced to do the unthinkable to someone he thought was a friend, he's on the run with few places to turn.

He doesn't have a lot of friends anymore. They were all drug abusers, but he knows where he can turn for help. He hits the local elks lodge for a meeting with the AA crowd. Only this meeting is made up entirely of USERS.
He meets an old man by the name of Walt, who offers for Carter to come to the Compound. It was some kind of rehab for USERS.

Once there, he's put through the ringer as Walt trains him to not only fight, but to be a man.
Will it be enough to stop what's coming for Carter? Find out in USERS: My Angels Have Demons the 1st book in the USERS series.


The long awaited fourth book in the USERS series is finally here. 

Carter and the crew are at it again. I don't want to spoil things for you, but oh boy are they in for it this time.

The Compound is flooded with new USERS from all over the country following the aftermath of Book III. Fully recovered from his fight with Heath, Carter finds himself running the joint once again. Everything was going to plan and Carter was finally finding some semblance of peace, but those times for a superhero are always short lived.

When a group of USER terrorists show up and start destroying Seattle, Carter and his friends at the Compound are quick to defend the city. Unfortunately for them, things aren't always what they seem and people aren't always who they appear to be.

When Alaric is taken out of the fight, he calls upon Carter to take his place as the head of the All Americans. Now Carter must do everything in his power to defeat a group of terrorists armed with the most deadly weapons on the planet...superpowers. 

To make matters worse, Carter's ex girlfriend Nancy shows at just the right moment to make his life interesting. As if things couldn't get more complicated.

Get USERS IV: A Superhero Novel now! 

killer-concepts-Amazon (2).jpg

Killer Concepts for Fiction Authors is all about how to create a killer concept so you can take your storytelling to the next level. 
In Killer Concepts we're going to explore the different methods I use to create concepts that entice readers from the jump. Don't get me wrong. I believe any concept can be a good story in the right writers hands. But why not start out with an idea that is already so unique, it'll interest readers without even having to hear your synopsis. 

Each chapter will take you through a different step and tool you can use to come up with the kind of concept that is going to wow readers. 

Learn how I take two different genres and mash them together to make something new, while still remaining familiar enough for readers to digest it. Remember, readers and publishers want the same...but different. 

Learn how I turn fan fiction into fiction fiction. Or what about writing what you know. I know that's some of the oldest advice in the writing game, but I'm going to give it my own twist. 

All this and more awaits you in Killer Concepts for Fiction Authors: How to create killer concepts for your fiction

USERS II: Off the Wagon

A new designer drug has hit the streets of Seattle. More deadly and more potent than even Carter, a lifetime drug user, has ever seen.

With the power to summon fire from within his own body, Carter hits the streets. Knocking down doors and punching out teeth with a fiery fist, he will stop at nothing to work his way to the top of the elusive drug ring, but this time he's not alone. As part of his sobriety, Carter must work the steps, and it's time for his biggest challenge yet, becoming a sponsor to a young User named Barber.

But will Carter live up to the challenge or will he fail to keep the young man in check? And will he stop the threat the new drug poses to the entire city? Find out in book 2 of USERS.


Grant hates people with superpowers. Only problem, he has them too. He's a self hating USER. A person who USES superpowers, but despite having them, he never does. 

He's a USER in hiding. But secrets have a way of surfacing one way or another. Especially when the Pain Mob is involved.

When he's mistaken for a non superpowered human, the Pain Mob kidnaps and tortures him for their own sick pleasure and profit. But he ruins the party and turns the tables by using his powers against his captors.

After a narrow escape, he's got it out for the Pain Mob and will stop at nothing to see their demise, but they aren't going out without a fight. 


USERS III: All American Rejects

Users Book 3 (A Superhero Novel) All American Rejects is the biggest and baddest Users book to date.

After a User goes on a rampage that ends in a murder suicide that results in the deaths of hundreds of people, the non super powered humans of America are outraged. Responding to that outrage, congress enacts a new law that requires all Users to register their powers as a deadly weapon with the American government.

But Carter, Evan, Ryker, and Barber are just a few of the Compound's Users that heartily disagree with the new law, and when they don't immediately respond to the registration, the government sends in the big guns to bring them in. The most powerful superhero team of Users in the country, the All Americans, soon attack the Compound with plans to bring Carter and his friends in for registration.

But the registration is not all that it seems to be. There is something much more sinister going on, and when their friends are captured and brought in, Carter, Evan, Ryker, and Barber mean to get to the bottom of it. What they find will shock you as the story takes one twist after another.

The world of the Users just got a whole lot bigger, the story a whole lot more complex, and everything a whole lot more exciting. Users Book 3 is hands down our best work we've ever done. With all the quirky, foul mouthed, action adventure you've come to expect from the husband and wife writing duo of Stacy & Jennifer Buck, Users Book 3 (A Superhero Novel) will blow your socks off.

Go ahead and click the buy button and get started on a superhero adventure unlike anything you've ever read before.

Clockwork Wings the Chronicles of Icarus Cover Parts 1-5.jpg

Clockwork Wings: the Chronicles of Icarus is now available in one collected edition! This book features all five parts. 

It's the tale of a young man who loses someone close to him and has to find redemption to save his father before he loses him too. We've all heard of the mythical Icarus, but this is his story re-imagined with a steampunk twist.

When his father builds him a pair of steam powered wings, he sets to the skies to escape the clutches of an evil king who has made a deal with Hades to take over the world. 

It's also the tale of a young king, who has been betrayed by his own step mother and doesn't know it. Seeking to overthrow his kingdom, his step mother has made a deal with the king of Crete to help him win his war from within.

There's war full of epic battles in airships. There's a quirky animal sidekick. There's even an anti hero seeking redemption.